2003年,中土公司整体并入中国铁建股份有限公司。中国铁建是中国乃至全球最具实力、最具规模的特大型综合建设集团之一,2014年《财富》“世界500强企业”排名第79位、“中国企业500强”排名第11位, 2013年度“全球最大250家工程承包商”排名第1位。

自上世纪60年代承建中国最大的援外项目坦赞铁路开始,中土集团公司不断发展壮大,目前经营领域涵盖工程承包、设计咨询、房地产开发、进出口贸易等,经营范 。近年来,公司先后承揽并实施了一大批铁路、公路、桥梁、房建、市政等重点工程,企业实力不断提升,多次获得“中国对外承包工程优秀企业”、“中国对外承包工程和对外劳务合作AAA级信用等级企业”、“中国境外成套工程AAA级信用企业”等荣誉称号。


China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) was established in 1979 under the approval of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. As one of the pioneers performing international contracting and economic cooperation, CCECC has evolved from the earlier Foreign Aid Department of the Ministry of Railways of China into a large-scale state-owned enterprise with Chinese national Super Grade qualification for project contracting. CCECC has been listed among the world’s top 100 international contractors for seventeen consecutive years by the Engineering News Record “ENR”.

At 2003, CCECC merged with China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC). CRCC, one of the world's most powerful and largest integrated construction group, ranking the 79th among the Fortune Global 500, and 6th among China’s Top 500 Enterprises,as well as 1st among ENR’s Top 250 Global Contractors in 2013, is the largest engineering contractor in China.

Ever since the 1960s when CCECC contracted the largest foreign aid project--Tanzania-Zambia Railway(TAZARA), CCECC’s business scope has expanded from international contracting for railway construction to project contracting, civil engineering design & consultancy, labor services cooperation, real estate development, and import & export trading as well. The business activities of CCECC have covered over 50 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, America, Europe and Oceania. By undertaking numerous key projects covering railways, highways, bridges, buildings, and municipal works in its overseas markets, and with its excellent performance and quality service, CCECC has won many national titles and honors.

Besides expanding its contracted markets, CCECC has made every endeavor to be more diverse and professional in service. The corporation’s financing capacity has been improved and its business scope has expanded. In the future, CCECC will continue to carry out an even more extensive and deeper cooperation with friends all over the world to promote common development and mutual benefit by delivering the best service to our dear clients and contributing more landmark projects to the society.

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